Butterfly Assassin (opiate_assassin) wrote in csuf,
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Allo. my name is alex, im 16. silly of me to post in a college post right? not so much. actualy, if all falls into place in a week i'll have my diploma, ive been working at getting my GED..well..taking the Equivalency Exam anyway, so that i can start at Fresno State in fall. i need t he escape from high school. no one there wants to know me intellectualy, and ive had a lot of luck with college students rather then others my own age. anyway, im excited. dont let my age fool you. im on the way to publication and im very intelligent those sometimes i have my lapse here and there...anyway, please let me know, i'll probably have questions here or there, and really i would just like to know some of you.

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Have you decided on a major yet?
business, or pshychology, though i havent done much research in way of the business departement...
CSUF's Business department is good, I'm not sure about the psychology dept.
well i know the psych departement is great, cause ive already takent he intro course...the business one im not so sure about you see i really want to own my own bar, but ive heard mixed things about the course..
None of the departments are really bad. If they were, they'd lose their credentials.
heh..logically enough eh? hmm...you know im not even sure i want to start this fall. if all goes as planned, theres a chance i may wait to start schooling agian. ive needed a break. that sounds odd and slightly old, but you wouldnt believe the few years ive had. im definately going to lurk around the campus for a bit before i make any final decisions...
Also, if you live in Fresno, and are on LJ, you should join ljfresno.
-blink- thanks..will do.