Butterfly Assassin (opiate_assassin) wrote in csuf,
Butterfly Assassin

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With Hope Things Will Come To Play

Allo. my name is alex, im 16. silly of me to post in a college post right? not so much. actualy, if all falls into place in a week i'll have my diploma, ive been working at getting my GED..well..taking the Equivalency Exam anyway, so that i can start at Fresno State in fall. i need t he escape from high school. no one there wants to know me intellectualy, and ive had a lot of luck with college students rather then others my own age. anyway, im excited. dont let my age fool you. im on the way to publication and im very intelligent those sometimes i have my lapse here and there...anyway, please let me know, i'll probably have questions here or there, and really i would just like to know some of you.

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